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Cooltek focuses on high quality PC cases that combine exceptional functionality and an attractive design.

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“First-time impression is “five by five"”

“My on-line shopping experience is not extensive so far, mostly because of restrictions (and/or higher pricing) that companies usually have regarding shipping to my country (Serbia, located in Europe, but not the member of EU). Fortunately for me, “Quiet PC”, had the most-competitive price for what I needed at that moment, including the shipment cost!

I checked with some friends (on Internet forums), that have had acquired various items through “Quiet PC”, and all of them had positive experience. So I “bit the bullet”, and was not disappointed. I already knew that customs service in my country is sluggish, so I was not worried for extra time I had to wait for my order to arrive. Thankfully it was packed in durable bubble-wrap paper-bag, because by the looks of it, it went through some rough postage handling, but still arrived unharmed (part of the credit must go to the premium quality box package of the product I had ordered - two “Noctua” fans).

I certainly hope that “Quiet PC” will keep-up the good work, because I look forward to obtain more items that are not available through usual retail channels in my country.”

(Review via Trustpilot)